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Screw the rafters into the wall top plates and the ridge

Screw the rafters into the wall top plates and the ridge. The wall frame can be constructed with 2x2 lumber. Measure and cut the plywood siding and nail or screw into the wall studs. By building it yourself you will be able to modify and customize it the way you like. Sand rough areas around the door. If you have been thinking about building a dog house, researching and having plans to follow will be very helpful. If the roof will be used to lay on, use plywood for the roof, you will not want to shingle, shingles tend to get extremely hot during the summer. Cut the door on the front siding.


5. The two most common and easiest to build are the gable roof and the sloped roof. Nail or screw through the top and bottom plates and into the wall studs.

4. The foundation base can be built with 2x4 pressure treated lumber. The door size will be determined by the size of your dog. Next cut and assemble the front and back wall frames, position between the side wall, nail or screw into the floor. Assemble and screw the side wall frames into the floor. Make sure it is big enough for the dog to turn and lay down comfortably. Cut a 2x2 ridge and the rafters.

You can find free dog house plans by searching the net. Shingle the roof decking. Begin by building the foundation.

When you build or buy a dog house, make sure you get one that will accommodate your pet comfortably. Paint or stain to complete the dog house. Assemble the foundation frame.. The plywood should exceed the frame at least three inches to give it an overhang. Next cut a piece of plywood the size of the frame, nail or screw two inch nails or screws through the plywood and into the frame. For best results, it is a good to research and have plans to follow when building it yourself. One way to get an idea of the size you will need is by measuring the dogs width and length. Measure and cut top and bottom plates for both sides. You can install trim to give it a nicer appearance. The roof frame can be built using 2x2 lumber. You will notice that there are many different ways to build them. Next cut out plywood for the roof top. The sloped roof will give your dog an area on top of the roof to lay.

Basic Steps to build a Dog House

1. This project is not that difficult, and can usually be completed in just one weekend for most do-it-yourself Bimetallic Screw Barrel ers.

3. Cut the wall studs, cut as many studs needed, and place about 16 apart.

Providing a house for your dog will protect him from the rain, wind, and cold temperatures, however if temperatures get extremely cold it is recommended you provide a place with moderate temperatures, such as indoors or garage. Also be aware if it is to big, body heat will be lost during cold weather.

There are many different type of dog house designs